Verbal Contortions

The poor bastards keep trying:

This is comedy gold.

And now a little exercise. Ask 3 friends who Tara Reade is. I tried and nobody had a clue. It sounds hard to believe but people sincerely don’t know. Because nobody is telling them.

We laugh but these bastards at WashPo are winning.

12 thoughts on “Verbal Contortions”

  1. “Ask 3 friends who Tara Reade is”

    To be fair…. I’m sure Biden has no memory of Tara Reade either (or anything else that happened more than 5 minutes ago).

    If I gave a rat’s ass about Joe Biden I’d feel enraged at how these people are exploiting a senile old man who doesn’t know what day it is… but since I don’t, it’s almost a kind of absurdist farce – wiping the nose of party loyalists in the cynicism and corruption of the party machine.


    1. Did you see the live video of Hillary endorsing him? The guy fell asleep and then put her on mute before she was done. Which probably is not a bad strategy.


      1. ” the live video of Hillary endorsing him”

        There’s a whole series of horrific videos of him seeming to forget where he is or who he’s talking to (and falling asleep in the middle of sentences).
        You wanted him, Democrats….. You’ve! Got! Him!
        Well maybe you didn’t want him, but the party organization didn’t want Bernie and at one point Biden seemed like the least awful option (those days are long gone but now they’re stuck).


        1. What’s really mystifying is why Hillary thinks it’s crucial to endorse yet another guy in the midst of a rape scandal. It isn’t helping Biden because she can’t deliver Bernie’s supporters. The only group Hillary can deliver are African American voters, and Biden already has them. The only thing that would help Biden is never to be seen anywhere around Hillary.


  2. I only found out about that because I googled “Tara Reade” as a google news topic.

    I think everyone is more worried about the wall to wall coronavirus coverage from the Coronavirus News Network. It’s not that “nobody is telling them” about Tara Reade.

    Just think of all the must see tv that middle class people are catching up on — all the streaming and all the disaster news conferences. Good luck competing for attention with that.


      1. I’m sorry. It would not preempt multilevel 24 hour streaming coronavirus coverage and if the Democrats tried it the public would yawn.


          1. The public is dead? Oh no! There goes my plan to market Fabuloso cocktail hour kits as a side hustle during these trying times!



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