Walmart Observations

The entire Walmart store is open, including the parts that have nothing to do with food or anything anybody would call “essential.” The store is swarming with people. I had to push through a crowd of women congregating around discounted pink t-shirts.

And it’s great. I’m all for people buying pink t-shirts. Or whatever other crap they think they urgently need.

What I don’t get is why the bookstore is closed. It was never even remotely as crowded as Walmart. And it’s not that hard to make an argument that books are at least as essential as pink t-shirts.

Next door to Walmart is my favorite locally owned clothing store. They have the best clothes, nothing like the crap at Walmart. Great prices, great styles. I’ve been going for years, and I’ve never been inside with more than 2 other customers. It’s not crowded at all. Why can’t it open? Walmart will survive but this store, owned by a local African American family, probably won’t.

Walmart and Home Depot are even more crowded than usual because people who would be dispersed throughout many stores are now crowding these two.

This is very stupid.

On the positive side, I bought three pairs of summer shoes for Klara and paid $15 altogether.

6 thoughts on “Walmart Observations”

  1. How many people were wearing masks?
    I agree, it’s stupid to let them open up the clothes section if it’s nonessential. At least, if we’re serious about “germs.” I guess I could try on shoes, [I really need running shoes that fit, mine are clean worn through] but is that really a good idea?
    Is your clothing store able to get relief from the state because it’s closed by government order? If it’s reopened, people might still stay away but then they can’t apply for any of that.
    Reach out to the store owners about alternative ways of getting clothes. Also, I’m sure they have a side hustle of some kind.
    [I ordered takeout from a restaurant I still want to exist when this is over. ]

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    1. It seems to be a social class thing. In our chi-chi grocery store, 100% of shoppers are masked. At Walmart, it’s about 60%. At the local working class grocery almost nobody had a mask, including the cashiers.


      1. I ventured out for my first grocery run in 6 weeks. To the local Piggly Wiggly (low-class grocery, cheap meat, good produce– the collards were magnificent!). They’ve put up plexiglass screens for the cashiers. About 40% of people were wearing masks. About the same rate among customers as among employees, so company policy seems to be “wear one if you want.” People don’t seem terribly concerned, and everyone completely ignored the cute floor arrows designating one-way aisles. Most people were a bit further apart than they’d normally be, but nobody seemed bothered by casual violations of the “six feet rule” that had been posted around the store.

        Previously, at Tractor Supply (which is like the Target of seed-n-feed stores: why they felt the need to corporatize that I can’t guess), all the employees were kitted out with masks, face shields, gloves, the works. They even had a girl at the door sanitizing all the carts as they came back in. People were more compliant about the distancing rules, but still not noticeably concerned about anyone violating them.

        The Ace hardware I passed was packed to the gills with cars.

        Our county’s had only 10 hospitalizations and 3 deaths– all deaths were people over 75.


        1. This is very interesting, thank you. I’m very curious about the moment when people feel like they’ve done enough and start ignoring the quarantine orders. Especially since the orders get harsher in some places even as the death rates go down.


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