Wow, people are really bored. I tried to sign up to bring something for teacher appreciation week but all the slots have already been taken, and people are promising to cook complicated meals instead of buying a box of donuts like they usually do.

3 thoughts on “Bored”

  1. “Wow, people are really bored.”

    Well, too bad for them! Some people haven’t learned how to treasure their own company as much as I do, and they don’t have four different Windows Solitaire games on their computer that I can now win so rapidly that my eyes have trouble keeping up with the cursor as it wipes out the virtual cards.

    My cooking has gotten more complicated. Omaha Steaks sells delicious meat beef and pork cuts, so I made the mistake of buying a bundle of their overpriced “complete meals” — which all taste unimaginably TERRIBLE. (Imagine food that even a dog-hater like you wouldn’t feed to a dog.) So I’ve had to split the contents up, and boil them on the stovetop, or put in the microwave, or whatever works, after mixing their ingredients separately with heavy doses of soy sauce or canned vegetables or blazingly hot Mexican sauce.

    I keep getting e-mails from my old European friends (always welcome as long as they keep saying things like: “That picture of you was taken last month?? You don’t look any older than when we saw you 20 years ago! Admit it, you’ve got to be dying your hair.”), and from my idiot young relatives back East who are wasting their time. (I’ve already changed my will to leave everything to my cat.)

    So I’m mildly pissed at the corona isolation, but not pissed enough — can’t even get worked up enough to write a publishable horror story .

    You quit drinking, lady? Bad timing, right before the coronavirus reset the clock.


      1. “The analyst cured me, and I didn’t even ask to be cured.”

        Serves you right, for paying for a cure that you didn’t need!


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