Hurt Feelings and Censorship

A published article gets retracted by a journal because the science in it hurts somebody’s fee-fees.

This is one of an avalanche of cases where scholars are censored, fired, hounded, and unpersonned for sharing their findings. People who don’t want this to happen to them (which is pretty much everybody) school themselves never to believe anything that can get them in trouble, never to question any dogma, and only to regurgitate the talking points that diversity administrators dictate to them.

Like one of the reviewers of my article wrote, “if you continue with this line of reasoning [on the Spanish poetry of 2008-9], you might arrive at the point where you support Brexit!” Poor fellow would probably have a fit if he knew that yes, I supported Brexit.

3 thoughts on “Hurt Feelings and Censorship”

  1. The problem is that transgenderism isn’t science, it’s a supernatural quasi-religious belief and so any real scientific research is going to be threatening.
    Imagine if some scientist stole communion wine and published peer review studies showing that it had not in fact turned into blood…
    Imagine cosmologists writing peer reviewed studies showing that no, the Ka’aba is not in fact the navel of the world.
    The problem is that the transgender pushers want to be accepted by science while making sure that none of their claims are ever held up to anything like real science.


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