Time Machine

Wow, so in America, too, there was a phone number you could call to find out what time it was?

We had that in the USSR! And it feels really nice, for some reason, to know that it existed here, as well.

5 thoughts on “Time Machine”

  1. There still is a phone number to reach the U S Naval Observatory Master Clock. I dialed it to make sure it still works. It is 202 762 1401. If I remember correctly, 202-762-1402 works also.

    The guarantee was that the message came via landline, never via satellite, so that there was less delay in receiving the signal. It also had a 440 hertz tone to use for tuning instruments, musical or scientific. I did not wait to see if that feature was still there.

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  2. Hah! When I was a kid, we all had the local time-and-temperature number memorized. We used it whenever the electricity went out, and we had to reset the clocks. It was run by one of the local banks, as a sort of courtesy service.


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