Who’s the Winner?

It looks like James Baldwin us shaping up to be the winner of our poll.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I first discovered Baldwin back in Ukraine, at a little bookstore that bought books in English from tourists or from hotels where people abandoned them. That bookstore (which obviously came into existence way after the USSR ended) was how I discovered Toni Morrison, W.B. Maxwell, James Baldwin, Barbara Vine (aka Ruth Rendell), Tom Clancy, and Ann Rule. This is a very eclectic selection but I had to take whatever was available to me.

Just Above My Head was my birthday present to myself this year. I even timed it to arrive exactly on April 18, which is hard because Amazon is erratic.

Keep voting, though, and I’ll share more stories about each of these books.

2 thoughts on “Who’s the Winner?”

    1. I got it at a restaurant called Cracker Barrell. The food almost left me a widow but they have a whole collection of pens and notebooks that are decorated like this, in all sorts of designs.

      Thank you for noticing!


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