Wishing for Alcoholism

Today, Klara and I played that I’m Gorgona and she’s a pink baby unicorn. I find her in a cave, pretend to be nice, wrap her in a pink blanket, and bring her home. That’s it. That’s the whole game. We played it non-stop for 3 hours. I thought I’d go nuts.

The only reason we stopped is that she fell asleep. I’m afraid the game will continue tomorrow.

I don’t mind playing. I’m actually quite good. But this a very repetitive, boring game. Oh, how I wish I were still a drinking person.

8 thoughts on “Wishing for Alcoholism”

        1. Normally, great, although she’s been taking the lead more often (which I love). But this one game, goodness.

          It continued today. A bit less intense than yesterday but still.


  1. My sister had a favorite book which she would always take out from the library and ask our dad to read to her. My dad said that he was tired of reading the book and wanted to read another book after he had finished reading that one to her. My sister said that was fine. After he finished reading the book to her she presented him with a second copy of the same book which she had taken out from the library.

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  2. Around here, every day begins with an extended game of “Spaceship,” which involves crawling under the duvet and lying there while my five-year-old son barks lines from Star Wars at me from somewhere on the bed. Eventually, the oxygen levels run so low that I have to “let in some space air,” then the cycle begins again…


  3. My kids have some weird games, but they like to play them with each other (thank God!), not with us adults. I remain mystified by what they call “fighting gloves with peanut butter.” It seems to be mostly an excuse to roughhouse, but while assuming character identities. They’ve never been exposed to professional wrestling.


    1. It’s great when they have each other to play with. Here it’s just us providing the entertainment she normally gets from friends, activities, fun places, etc.


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