In six months, it will be accepted wisdom that lockdowns were unnecessary and everybody totally overreacted to this. The number of people who will claim to have known that lockdowns are not helping will be overwhelming. And they will be completely sincere like alcoholics who say they can quit “any time” are sincere. The number of folks who’ll have the requisite mental health to say “yeah, I was really wrong on that one” will be, as usual, vanishingly small.

5 thoughts on “Prediction”

  1. This whole episode is making despise media outlets like Vox and The Atlantic. The smarmy “Now we anointed ones will tell you little people what to think” tone is annoying in general, but it’s particularly hard to tolerate coming from people who consistently get things wrong. And they’ll sound just as smugly self confident tomorrow when they’ve reversed themselves and are saying the opposite of whatever they said today.


      1. It’s horrible. But it’s not new. We have a large segment of society that passionately believes in censoring everything that can hurt their feelings.


  2. I hope you’re right. The problem is that Trump will get 100% of the blame for it and then the election will go to Biden. Honestly I don’t think my brain can handle that one.


  3. In California, we’re being prepped to accept lockdown-light for months and years. The same people doing this control the major propaganda outlets, and few people seem to notice that likely nobody they know, and certainly nobody otherwise healthy that they know, has died of this thing.

    So, I hope and pray you are right.


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