Fat Studies Undeterred

This didn’t age well:

Actually, this piece of crap just got published. I got an email promoting it yesterday. And I do not believe for a second that COVID will make people notice how insane this is.

2 thoughts on “Fat Studies Undeterred”

  1. “This didn’t age well”

    The Fat Apologist Movement obviously didn’t start in Canada or end in 1997. Our old friend at Shakesville was an aggressive proponent of the “Fat is healthy!” cult.

    Notice that the three women on the cover aren’t even all that fat — certainly not clinically obese. I do like their alliterative names: “Pretty, Porky, and “Pissed Off,” sounds like a rock band.


    1. If I were to write a review, I’d definitely mention how the cover image contradicts the whole message.

      Actually, maybe I should look for a venue for a review. I’d really love to tear into this excretion of human mind.


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