Have We Been Played?

I think that it’s time to start discussing the reaction to COVID in terms of its contribution to the austerity project.

The U of Ohio announced the other day that it’s firing TT professors. Yes, it’s starting with the really stupid fields that everybody hates and the administration is claiming that the firings are not entirely caused by COVID. Still, it’s a fact that the firings are happening and they are being partially justified by COVID.

My colleagues are, as of this minute, editing a request for a new tenure-track hire. Bless their souls, I think they are crazeeeee. We will all be lucky to keep our jobs given what’s coming. Our state will be absolutely ruined and all sorts of austerity will be inflicted on us. And we will accept it because it will be done under the name of COVID.

The Worked Shoot

I’m starting to get the idea that some governments (okay, just about all of them) are instrumentalizing Coronavirus (however dangerous it is) to reinforce and strengthen austerity. This isn’t the end of austerity but its final victory as most societies are ruthlessly third-worlded.

All the stories about how much better the air is? How the animals are now frolicking in the cities without those bothersome people? Religious leaders and bubblebrained celebrities talking about messages from the Earth or God?

The economy isn’t going to restart because they’re shutting it down on purpose – to the cheers of too many suckers. Healthcare and infrastructure will be gutted and more and more people will be permanently unemployed surviving (or not) on charity as governments and the Greens preen.

I’d like to be wrong about this, I’d love it. But the evidence is mounting and obligatory austerity (no more fun travel or discretionary…

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4 thoughts on “Have We Been Played?”

  1. Folks here are also working on hiring plans, strategic initiatives, and departmental proposals for this and that. It’s totally crazy, none of this stuff is going to happen any time soon, if ever. There’s already a rumor going around that absolutely no adjunct or visitor contracts will be allowed in the coming year. I imagine forcing senior faculty to teach a bunch of lower-level courses (the low-level courses enroll well and that’s what adjuncts and visitors teach) will encourage a big round of early retirements a year or so from now.


    1. Where I am, people base decisions on the enrollment projections from February. I mean, has anybody noticed anything that happened since February? Anything at all? Like a dramatic drop in enrollments because students don’t want to pay for online education? It has all 🐝 reported by the administration but it’s not sinking in.


      1. ” enrollment projections from February”

        Here, a date has been announced for classes to resume with an extension of the academic year (there’s no summer semester here and the academic usually runs from October through June) I’m really hoping that happens… If it does (crosses fingers) it’ll be interesting how many people show up.
        All the other teachers I’ve corresponded with hate remote teaching and are chomping at the bit to get back in class. If we can get up and rolling again during the summer I’m reasonably sure they won’t try to turn the university into a glorified youtube channel….


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