Not Eunuchs

I’m so tired of reading about how “the violence of the conquest” (by Spaniards, obviously) caused this and that. Yes, the conquest was very violent. But how about the violence the day before the conquest? The month before? The year before?

The indigenous cultures found by the Spaniards were extremely violent. Because human beings are extremely violent. The only new factor that the Spaniards brought is a new kind of infectious disease. And we all know from our COVID experience that it’s absolutely beyond the pale to even notice when somebody does this. Viruses have no nationality, right?

I strongly suspect that if the Aztecs (just as an example. The Aztecs weren’t even the most violent among the indigenous) knew that we don’t remember them as fierce, terrifying warriors but as pathetic little eunuchs, they’d gladly whoop our asses.

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