Wow, folks, is anybody on here watching Waco on Netflix?

It’s the best watching choice for this moment. Really well-made, too.

4 thoughts on “Bingeing”

  1. I just saw it and loved it. I admired the series for presenting a David Koresh that you can understand why people would follow him.


    1. I’m only 1,5 episodes in! The actor playing Koresh is very good. And the photography is very powerful.

      It’s incredible how a single country can have the best television in the world and the worst movies in the world.


      1. “best television in the world and the worst movies in the world”

        A lot of it has to do with the money structures (the movie industry seems to be far more corrupt and bloated than internet-centric tv)

        TV is much more likely to be about America while movies now have to be internationalized into a least common denominator that will play in Beijing and Cairo and Sao Paolo…

        But there’s also a lot of interesting international tv as well now (I don’t know how much is available in the US)

        Il Processo is a pretty good Italian police procedural with interesting sequences in court (I’m sure it’s not…. realistic but it is entertaining)

        Dabing Street is a fun comedy set in a struggling dubbing studio on the outskirts of Prague in 2001 (you need to appreciate Czech humor which is maybe not for everyone).

        Freud, which I’ve mentioned before, is as dumb as a box of breakfast cereal but tremendous fun.

        White House Farm is an English true crime story that’s also pretty good.


      2. If you haven’t watched Friday Night LIghts, check it out — same actor, in a very different role.


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