Inside Out

People stared at my single-use mask (that I’ve used multiple times) in a weird way.

Only when I took it off did I realize that it had been on inside out and a lipstick mark was clearly visible on it.

I can only imagine how many stories locals shared about a crazy lady who applied lipstick over her mask.

4 thoughts on “Inside Out”

  1. I gave up on wearing lipstick on days I go pick up meds or groceries for this reason.

    Cloth ones. Make each side a different color so you don’t forget which side you used. Then you can wash them in the washing machine’s hottest water (and maybe use bleach.) and dry them. You can hardly be worse at sewing than I am.

    They make masks like t-shirts now: you can have the Rolling Stones’ lips or MAGA on your mouth or some wine o’ clock message or Disney Princesses. You could put “the nation state is dead” on yours. I see a lot of people attempting to sell their masks in the local FB group.


    1. It gets ridiculous at times. A promotional company sent my sister a mock-up of a facial mask with her company’s branding. The mask says, “THE FUTURE OF HIRING” across the mouth. My sister almost had a nervous breakdown she laughed so hard.

      But I like your idea about the nation-state. I bet we’ll soon see instructional videos on how to use the masks to promote our personal brand.


      1. So far the undisputed champeen of creative masking is this lady, and honestly I don’t know who will be able to top it (or how). (nb I don’t know if this is Ghana, I’ve seen it credited to several different countries).


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