I can go to Walmart to buy clothes, shoes, toys, gardening supplies, school supplies, kids’ clothes and shoes, furniture, etc.

But I can’t go to stores by local people who sell all this stuff.

It would clearly be healthier to let people disperse among small local places where it’s easy to control how many are inside at any given time. Instead, people are herded into Walmart “to save lives.”

I think you’ve got to be a blethering idiot a naive human being to think it’s about “saving lives.”

12 thoughts on “Naive”

  1. “people are herded into Walmart “to save lives.””

    This is the government equivalent of Windows 8 (as you pointed out the first open attempt to turn computer users into only being pliant consumers rather than being able to work on/with computers).


      1. Sales tax. Walmart sells more than Ma and Pa. One stop shopping…. Why would government small business when they can get more sales tax at Big Box stores? ….Maybe I’m wrong….


  2. I don’t think, at the local level, that it’s some nefarious scheme to destroy small businesses. I think the idea is to minimize exposure in number-of-people terms. So… stupid, not evil?


    1. I don’t think somebody sits and plots it. But it’s part of a general tendency in the direction of increased corporatism. Things happen because nobody thinks to do anything different.


  3. This is peculiar about Walmart. I think that here in Delaware, Walmart and Target are open only for grocery shopping. I never go to Walmart, and rarely to Target, so I don’t know for sure whether these rules are enforced, but that is my understanding.


  4. FL has just (today!) opened up regular retail and restaurants again, but at reduced capacity. So if you’re a restaurant, outdoor seating is fine, indoors you have to keep the tables a certain distance apart. And for retail they have to limit the number of people in the stoor at one time, depending on square feet of shopping space. It’s progress?


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