Wanting to Be Controlled

In Quebec, Premier Legault (he’s like our governor) is opening daycares. Nobody who doesn’t want to take kids to daycare has to. Everybody’s place will be kept for them until they feel safe to return. Nobody has to pay anything. This is just for the people who want to use the daycare services.

The same public that hailed Legault as the greatest leader for instituting a lockdown is cussing him out for opening the daycares. He’s a Nazi, a murderer, an evildoer. Once again, nobody is asking anybody to do anything they don’t want to. The labor legislation in the province is such that no employer will dream of forcing anybody to work onsite.

So why are people losing their shit?

Because it forces them to make a decision. And they prefer to be told what to do. It’s incomprehensible to somebody like me but most people are like that. That’s why totalitarianism is so attractive.

5 thoughts on “Wanting to Be Controlled”

  1. “they prefer to be told what to do”

    I’ve come to think that that’s true of libertarians as well, they just depersonalize their wish for a stern daddy by calling him ‘the market’…


  2. “they prefer to be told what to do”

    I think there is some truth in this. They’re looking for some authority figure to give the “all clear” before they can work up the courage to stumble out of their hidey-holes. And Public Health, sainted beyond any reason during the lockdown by the media and by politicians alike, is sending the opposite message in Canada, giving the impression that they’re reluctantly going along with these dangerous re-opening schemes dreamed up by the politicians (who by definition have low to no credibility anyway.)

    Henny-Penny Public Health bureaucrats have been going on the TV every day for almost two months suggesting to the public that the Wuhan flu will KILL THEM DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS unless they do exactly what they’re told. As a result, many people are frightened witless, plain and simple, and elite counter narratives to balance the official narrative have to date failed to gain much traction or political legitimacy in Canada.

    And then there’s outliers – some grinches are happy that the everyday lives of their neighbours have become just as miserable as their own and they’d be glad to keep it that way. Some others, I suspect, don’t mind getting paid to stay home – beats the hell out of working for a living.


      1. “never going to let us out…”

        It’s often been said that Canadians are, for historical reasons, more deferential to their elites than Americans. So no big surprise that open defiance or even much in the way of visible protest has been generated here to date.

        But deference is not positively correlated with stupidity – remember, people stopped listening to Henny Penny when the sky did not fall in. Canadians gave a giant finger to their elites in the national referendum on the amending the Constitution in 1992 in spite of the elites all being on the side of its approval and threatening with one voice that civil war could result if the ‘yes’ side did not win.

        And, Canada’s short, v. v. short, summer is coming soon so unless people start dropping dead in the streets, I believe that a majority of Canadians will quietly, mulishly, get on with their lives regardless of whether their elites huff and puff and blow… (i.e. not with a bang but with a 24 of beer at the lake.)


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