Recipe: Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloins and Beluga Lentils

Pork tenderloin with beluga lentils and chickpeas:

I don’t like pork but everything else is so expensive. Plus, I had these beluga lentils that needed a protein and it’s kind of ridiculous to do them with chicken.

The trick with making pork tenderloin in a slow cooker is to sear it in flour before putting it into the slow cooker. Otherwise it dries out no matter what you do.

Beluga lentils

Chickpeas soaked overnight

Three squished garlic cloves

Baby carrots

A tomato

Some liquid

5 hours on slow and for the last half hour I added kale, cilantro and some rye bran because I ended up with too much water and I have to use up that bran anyway.

I think invented this recipe because I looked and looked for pork and beluga lentils and didn’t find anything.

It ended up being so delicious I expect my husband to want to marry me all over again once he gets back from the tree nursery and tries this dish.