What Do They Know?

So the guy whose team authored the completely mistaken Imperial College model and who’s been one of the biggest alarmists on COVID?

The guy who has created or inspired most of the content driving the idea that lockdowns and quarantines work?

Yeah, that guy.

The guy got diagnosed with COVID but didn’t self-quarantine. Instead, he invited a fuck buddy over to his place right after the diagnosis. He’s one of the leading authorities in the subject of COVID, got it?

Pritzker sent his family on vacation to Florida. The mayor of Chicago is patronizing beauty salons while threatening everybody else with arrests for leaving their homes. Justin Trudeau broke quarantine and traveled for pleasure. I don’t have space to list every similar story.

There’s got to come a time when even the most credulous person has to ask: what do these people know that they aren’t telling us?

It’s very simple. They know what I quoted in this morning’s post: it’s a disease of the elderly in nursing homes. And that’s why they don’t even think about staying quarantined.

Recipe: Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloins and Beluga Lentils

Pork tenderloin with beluga lentils and chickpeas:

I don’t like pork but everything else is so expensive. Plus, I had these beluga lentils that needed a protein and it’s kind of ridiculous to do them with chicken.

The trick with making pork tenderloin in a slow cooker is to sear it in flour before putting it into the slow cooker. Otherwise it dries out no matter what you do.

Beluga lentils

Chickpeas soaked overnight

Three squished garlic cloves

Baby carrots

A tomato

Some liquid

5 hours on slow and for the last half hour I added kale, cilantro and some rye bran because I ended up with too much water and I have to use up that bran anyway.

I think invented this recipe because I looked and looked for pork and beluga lentils and didn’t find anything.

It ended up being so delicious I expect my husband to want to marry me all over again once he gets back from the tree nursery and tries this dish.

Funny Meeting

I attended my first meeting with the Dean in my capacity as Chair today. It was a Zoom meeting, of course.

My husband came into the room just as the Dean was showing us his favorite margarita recipe. He was behind a bar stand with an array of bottles in front of him.

“Then you add some triple sec…” the Dean was saying.

“Hmm,” said my taciturn husband.

COVID Science of the Day

62% of COVID deaths in Canada happened in nursing homes:

Canada has the HIGHEST proportion of deaths in #LTC settings among 14 countries. @RyersonNIA+@BruyereCare researchers have been supporting the int @LTCCovid Project to understand where we stand and how we can better address #COVID-19 in these settings.
https://t.co/B2uK0QsIin https://t.co/cX6DoJI3rd

It’s a gigantic fail on the part of Canada and my heart goes out to the people who lost somebody in this disaster. There are no clear numbers on the US yet (and if you don’t know why, you aren’t paying attention) but I have a feeling they are close.

By the way, talking about science, every time I curse out Pritzker on Twitter a crowd of really illiterate impressionable ladies descend on me to berate me, in tweets filled with spelling mistakes to LISTEN TO THE SCIENCE. It’s hilarious until I remember that because of these emotional ladies we aren’t getting out of quarantine any time soon.