COVID Science of the Day

62% of COVID deaths in Canada happened in nursing homes:

Canada has the HIGHEST proportion of deaths in #LTC settings among 14 countries. @RyersonNIA+@BruyereCare researchers have been supporting the int @LTCCovid Project to understand where we stand and how we can better address #COVID-19 in these settings.

It’s a gigantic fail on the part of Canada and my heart goes out to the people who lost somebody in this disaster. There are no clear numbers on the US yet (and if you don’t know why, you aren’t paying attention) but I have a feeling they are close.

By the way, talking about science, every time I curse out Pritzker on Twitter a crowd of really illiterate impressionable ladies descend on me to berate me, in tweets filled with spelling mistakes to LISTEN TO THE SCIENCE. It’s hilarious until I remember that because of these emotional ladies we aren’t getting out of quarantine any time soon.

6 thoughts on “COVID Science of the Day”

  1. “62% of COVID deaths in Canada happened in nursing homes”

    It’s actually worse than that – according to Public Health Canada last week, the proportion of long term care facility deaths was 79% and these deaths were concentrated in two provinces, Ontario and Quebec. These two provinces are home about three-fifths of Canadians but have over 90% of the deaths attributed to COVID.

    Public Health should have made it job #1 at the beginning of this to isolate fully these homes because we knew the Wuhan flu is brutal for the demographic that inhabits long term care. But they didn’t, and now they have the cheek to use deaths that are in part their responsibility to justify the continuing locking down of the healthy.

    A related personal aside – we are very proud of our mid-20s daughter who went back to university after her B.A. to get a BSc (Nursing) and has just completed the third of her four required years of study. She works part-time as an admitting clerk at a local hospital and her floor supervisor last week asked her to join a provincially-mandated hospital SWAT team that has volunteered to clean up the hottest COVID spot in our city – a nursing home with at least 186 cases (including 48 staff) along with a dozen or more deaths of residents. So our kid is in full medical gear – mask, shield, body suit – for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for the next two/three weeks at least. (If you wish, please send her a kind thought or say a brief prayer on her behalf – her mother is terrified.)


  2. The county just to the north of me has had outbreaks in two nursing homes and they are a huge percentage of that county’s deaths.


  3. It’s my understanding that an absolute majority of coronavirus fatalities in Europe are form care homes (though the media does not make that easy to suss out).
    A large percentage of new cases in the last couple of weeks in Poland are in care type facilities (and just yesterday a bunch of miners).
    But overall compared to most countries there’s not nursing homes in Poland. There’s one on the street where I live (run by nuns) but overall there’s pretty thin on the ground.


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