What Do They Know?

So the guy whose team authored the completely mistaken Imperial College model and who’s been one of the biggest alarmists on COVID?

The guy who has created or inspired most of the content driving the idea that lockdowns and quarantines work?

Yeah, that guy.

The guy got diagnosed with COVID but didn’t self-quarantine. Instead, he invited a fuck buddy over to his place right after the diagnosis. He’s one of the leading authorities in the subject of COVID, got it?

Pritzker sent his family on vacation to Florida. The mayor of Chicago is patronizing beauty salons while threatening everybody else with arrests for leaving their homes. Justin Trudeau broke quarantine and traveled for pleasure. I don’t have space to list every similar story.

There’s got to come a time when even the most credulous person has to ask: what do these people know that they aren’t telling us?

It’s very simple. They know what I quoted in this morning’s post: it’s a disease of the elderly in nursing homes. And that’s why they don’t even think about staying quarantined.

15 thoughts on “What Do They Know?”

  1. “They know what I quoted in this morning’s post: it’s a disease of the elderly in nursing homes.”

    It’s also a disease that’s intermittently killing people of all ages, from toddlers on up. Nobody — not the idiots like Trump and not the experts like Dr. Fauci — knows what the landscape will look like on the day after tomorrow.

    Sure, go on about your normal life to the extent that you can. (Wear your mask.) But the world you’re living in isn’t the world as it was at the start of spring way back in March, and isn’t going to be for the foreseeable future.


    1. “experts like Dr. Fauci…”

      Please don’t make me laugh. It’s not Fauci’s expertise or “science” that has given the sainted Fauci or Neil Ferguson the ability to make state policy: it is because their opinions mirror the authoritarian political preferences of today’s ruling elites in China and in the west.


    2. This would be easier to deal with if it were true that it’s JUST the elderly who are at risk. It’s mostly the elderly, but there are random, unlucky people who are younger. My friend who died of COVID last month was 49 and he didn’t have any serious health issues.


    3. The world where I have lived my whole life IS the world where a person of any age might die. What’s changed? That now a new thing has been added to all the previous ones that has a chance of 0.012% of killing one?

      OMG, this changes everything!!!


      1. “asymptomatic meat processing plant workers”

        People are losing the ability to distinguish those who get the virus but aren’t much affected and those who need to be in the ICU


        1. In my town, we had a cluster of infections at a logistics company. People got quarantined but nobody had to go to the hospital. They had one employee who traveled internationally in March and he brought it back.


  2. “…asymptomatic meat processing plant workers. They are shutting down even though nobody is sick, because a bunch of people tested positive.”

    I think there have been a lot of deaths in meat processing plants. I will check this out.


      1. I poked around a bit and found one where two employees had died in a facility that hat 6000 workers, and one where a USDA inspector had died.


        (weirdly, in that one, it implies, but never clearly states, that the two employees died of COVID. How many of their employees die in an average year? 6000 is a very large workforce, and meat-packing employees are generally people working a grueling job for OK pay: i.e. people who don’t have any better prospects. That is a demographic with higher-than-average death rates from all sorts of things.)

        This one lists one death of a 70-year-old union steward:


        …and a few others citing 1 or 2 deaths at other very large processing plants. But I don’t see anything to indicate an alarming number of deaths of meat-processing workers. Just a lot of cases, which is not the same thing.


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