Deathly Rage

Why is it stupid to say that one can die in a fit of rage? One can easily stroke out when in a rage. I know from extensive personal experience that rage makes blood pressure shoot up like little else.

I’m reading a book for review, and there’s a whole argument in it based on the idea that an 18th-century doctor was an idiot for concluding that a patient died because of a fit of rage.

Of course, the author of the book is American and she goes on and on ridiculing people from other cultures and eras for thinking there can possibly be any connection between health and emotions.

3 thoughts on “Deathly Rage”

  1. My former department chair was American and believed so strongly in the connection between emotions and health that he believed in spontaneous human combustion.


  2. Coincidentally, everyone I know with long-term severe clinical depression is also chronically unable to forgive anything. They hold grudges like champions!


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