Stay Home, End Lives

After weeks of barking idiotically “stay home save lives,” Governor Cuomo recognized today that’s he’s been shocked to discover that 90% of hospitalizations for COVID are of people who stay very much in. 66% were sheltering at home, 18% were in nursing homes, 1% was in jail, etc. [It’s on video. Please watch it.]

Well, at least he’s cognitively intact enough to recognize that this information exists and that he wasn’t aware of it when he established his stay-at-home policy. I’m very glad.

We aren’t that lucky in Illinois. Our governor is impervious to any information whatsoever.

4 thoughts on “Stay Home, End Lives”

  1. Seems logical. I remember hearing about a relative, back in the day, who had TB and lived in a TB care facility. The residents all lived in screeened porches (in the mountains of North Carolina!)– basically outdoors all the time, with a roof to keep the rain off. The staff would keep them supplied with iron “pigs”(metal containers full of hot coals) and wool blankets, in the winter. This apparently helped the patients… and also kept the staff from getting infected.

    Seems reasonable the same principle would apply to other communicable respiratory diseases.


  2. He said 73 percent of the hospitalized were over 51, many retired. It makes perfect sense that most people entering the hospital would be retirement age since the virus effects people worse the older they get. I wonder how many people lived alone vs lived with family though. It would be understandable if the older people were locked in while someone else in the family was out and about and brought the virus home. It would be way weirder if people that lived alone got it, it would mean that a short trip to the grocery store could get them infected, or that the virus maybe really is airborn or could easily seep from one apartment to another (open windows?hang out on the balcony? heating ducts?)


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