Where’s the ACLU?

Our Governor said he won’t allow churches to reopen until there’s a vaccine or no new “cases.” Which means never.

My question is: where’s the ACLU? Because this is the First Amendment. Where’s everybody who said they believe in civil liberties?

What an absolute disgrace.

8 thoughts on “Where’s the ACLU?”

  1. In response to: Where’s the ACLU?

    There is a powerful precedent here. In the early 1950’s, when I was in elementary school, there was a major polio epidemic. Polio was primarily dangerous to children, so children were forbidden to leave home at all. Schools were closed for weeks. I don’t remember the exact year, nor the number oe weeks schools were forced to remain closed. I knew some people who contracted polio and were unable to walk normally for the rest of their lives. I know only one of them who is still alive now. I was maybe eight years old. I am glad for the draconian measures, as I think they prevented millions of children from dying or becoming severely disabled. (Crippled was the accepted term in those days.)


    1. I also remember the polio epidemics of the late-fifties early-sixties. Polio was a serious epidemic of children. Where I lived in the Midwest nothing was closed except as I recollect some swimming pools in the summer. Schools were not closed. Businesses certainly were not closed. Certainly the entire population wasn’t placed under something like house arrest. If a child became ill, THEN his house and family were quarantined. But the non-sick were left to pursue their lives. I was not in a densely populated eastern metro area. There may be some areas like the NYC metro area that had other experiences, and Delaware was certainly close enough even in that era. But I’ve looked for reputable sources and I haven’t found anything that substantiates the current”draconian” measures being commonly applied at the time.

      It was not known at the time even how polio was transmitted (and I believe it is still not known). The various “coronavirus” are a different matter. Coronavirus is endemic in human and some animal populations, and is a frequent cause of the common cold. There have been quite a number of coronavirus contagions, and they go away on their own. And those who are getting the current strain mostly don’t even know they’ve had it.

      The application of police-state powers in a new context, particularly given the recent 20 years here in the U.S., is exceedingly dangerous. Those police-powers become addictive to those who exercise them and take on a life of their own. This is a seriously wrong turn of public policy.

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      1. Exactly. And the worst part is that the narrative is constantly changing without any feedback from the public or even scientists.

        I’m going to do a separate post about this.

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      2. Delaware?? I live in Delaware now, but as a child I lived in the northeast corner of Tennessee. Schools were indeed closed that year, for weeks, and children were forbidden to go beyond their own homes and yards for any reason whatever.


        1. Because children were at extremely high risk from polio. The risk of children dying of COVID is statistically negligible.

          There are 32,000,000 unemployed as of right now in this country. Where is the left that is supposed to care about that more than the hysteria of wealthy suburban moms?


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