Working Days

On weekdays I can work for one hour between 5 and 6 pm. I could work after 9 pm, I guess, but mine is intellectual work, and my brain simply refuses to produce anything after a whole day of craziness.

On weekends I can work from 1 to 5 pm. Unless we have some family activity.

In total, it comes up to about 10 hours of work a week. And it’s always outside of my peak performance hours.

Also, in this entire time since March 16 I’ve had a total of 4 weekdays where I could work from 1 to 6 pm. Four days of something vaguely resembling normal work (although normal for me is 9 am to 2 pm). I should be enjoying them but I don’t. I build up these days so much in my mind and I expect so much from them that they never live up to the expectations. I turn into a neurotic, trying to save time on bathroom visits and other crazy stuff.

5 thoughts on “Working Days”

  1. I share a small apartment with my wife and an eight year old. I had a part-time job before this that involved some work from home, which I was in the process of leaving, and no full time job. I also do all the administrative tasks for my household.

    In previous years, getting the limited amount of work done that I have to do, like household finances, usually involved going to a nearby coffee shop and logging in, or pulling an all nighter when wife and child were sleeping. The coffee shop option is not available, so if I had been expected to actually work from home in the last couple of months, I really don’t think that would have been possible. My available working hours are something like between midnight and five in the morning, and maybe an hour during the day to check emails.

    If this turns in to something permanent, for me and probably for many other people its going to prompt a move out of the city just to get a larger place to live.

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    1. We have a big house, so it’s easier in that sense. And my 4-year-old is very reasonable and well-behaved. But still, she’s a small child. She needs constant attention. And lots of soup. Bucketfuls of fresh soup.


  2. I know what you mean. The only time I have free is after 10 pm, which I spend vegging out in front of my computer, watching shows. I should write, either creatively or technically (for work), but by 10 pm I am fried and all I want is a cocktail and a comforting show. It feels like food prep and cleanup never end and the youngest (whose computer is next to mine) constantly comes in and out and chatters. I have virtually no time where simultaneously a) my brain is functioning and b) nobody is allowed to come and disturb me. And it’s now been eight weeks of this. The problem is that there’s nowhere to refill the well of creativity and patience; I’ve been running on empty for weeks. The hourlong walks pose their own challenges: if I go early, there are too many people around; if I go at sunset/when it gets dark, there are no people but it quickly becomes creepy as all fuck, because we call know suburbia is poorly lit. My office used to be my safe haven, the one place where I’d be left alone, and I miss it so much.

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