More Proof for Reade

Documents from 1996 confirm that Tara Reade was traumatized by sexual harassment she experienced in Joe Biden’s office.

It’s like this case was created on purpose to demonstrate the utter ludicrousness of the Kavanaugh allegations and the dishonesty of the pussy-hatting classes.

A Nice Story

Here’s a nice story that happened to me today.

An elderly gentleman approached me by the gas station store today.

“Hi! Are you in the teaching profession?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. “But how did you know???” (I was dressed completely normally and I don’t do bumper stickers).

“I’ve lived a long life and I’m a good judge of character,” the elderly gentleman said. “I just wanted to tell you that you do an important job that is crucial to our society. I know it must be hard right now but it will get better! You will go back to the classroom.”

My nerves aren’t great right now because of isolation, so I almost had a nervous breakdown I was so touched.

Better on the Fringe

This completely crazy book by a fringe conspiracy theorist is a #1 bestseller on Amazon at this moment. The reason why the author suddenly rose to stardom is because she had some spat with Dr. Fauci. People are so desperate for an alternative to Fauci-driven insanity that they will subscribe to anything. Bad as she might be, this author isn’t destroying our economy with ridiculous fantasies about the need to achieve complete safety in order to be able to venutre outside.

How sad is it that fringe conspiracy theorists are more sane than our mainstream medical establishment? And hey, this isn’t all new. This is the same medical establishment that made the opioid epidemic possible. Funny how nobody cared about 100% safety then.

Until August

The word that appears extremely often in the discussions of COVID is August. IHME is now projecting peak deaths until August. Governor Pritzker’s office has been discussing August as the time before which nobody is planning to reopen. (I don’t have an official attribution because people are uncomfortable with being quoted).

Of course, right after August the Fall flu season will begin and there we go again.

So, yeah… Not optimistic.

The Narrative

First, we were going to be quarantined to flatten the curve and make sure that the health system wasn’t overwhelmed.

After that was achieved, we were told we are quarantined until the death curve goes down consistently.

After that was achieved, we were told we are quarantined until the testing capacity reaches a certain number.

After that was achieved, we are now told we are quarantined until there are no deaths at all. Which is never going to happen.

And the saddest part is that the overwhelming majority of people is accepting this narrative without questioning.

Soviet Carpet Advertising

An advert for Soviet carpets from back in the 1980s. Please watch. It’s so ridiculous that it’s kind of fun. We all coveted these carpets and many people put them on walls, like artwork.

Soviet Moldavian carpet producer advertising video, 1980s

P.S. The carpets are Soviet, obviously. Not the advert.

Keeping Us Drugged

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Alcohol, cannabis and tobacco are being delivered to some homeless isolating or quarantining in San Francisco hotel rooms. The city’s health department defends the program as a way to keep COVID-19 positive addicts indoors.

In order to save people from a non-existent harm of roaming outside (the mortality among homeless is extremely low because they aren’t cooped up inside and aren’t elderly), they are put in a situation where they are more likely both to get COVID and worsen their addiction.

I’m completely in favor of ending homelessness and getting people off the streets but right now is the worst possible moment to do that. The streets are the safest place to be because the virus spreads indoors.

And the consistent efforts of state governments to keep us all drugged up and checked out in the meanwhile are really scary.

Midlife Crisis

N and I are arguing about midlife crisis. He’s convinced that a midlife crisis only has to do with being dissatisfied with your personal life. (Ergo, he and I can’t have midlife crises because our personal life is sensational).

I disagree because to me a midlife crisis can also be about being dissatisfied with your professional or social life. Or any large aspect of your life, really. Which is why I insist that I did experience a midlife crisis. It lasted for about two years and had everything to do with my professional life. It ended somewhere last November after one meeting I had.

“Then why do all books and movies portray having a midlife crisis as being unhappy in your personal life?” N asks. “Can you name one work of art where a person realizes they are unhappy because they need a new profession?”

“Yes!” I exclaim. “It’s Don Quixote!”