Keeping Us Drugged

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Alcohol, cannabis and tobacco are being delivered to some homeless isolating or quarantining in San Francisco hotel rooms. The city’s health department defends the program as a way to keep COVID-19 positive addicts indoors.

In order to save people from a non-existent harm of roaming outside (the mortality among homeless is extremely low because they aren’t cooped up inside and aren’t elderly), they are put in a situation where they are more likely both to get COVID and worsen their addiction.

I’m completely in favor of ending homelessness and getting people off the streets but right now is the worst possible moment to do that. The streets are the safest place to be because the virus spreads indoors.

And the consistent efforts of state governments to keep us all drugged up and checked out in the meanwhile are really scary.

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