The Next Russian Spy

Wow, folks, I totally know what the next story line by Rachel Maddow is going to be.

Tara Reade is Putin’s spy!

I found this idea on a really trashy Twitter thread. It’s got to migrate to Maddow within a week or so.

Let Out the Young

Why not let the 20- and 30-year-olds out of quarantine, at least? Their risk of getting seriously ill is negligible. It’s definitely not enough to “overwhelm the healthcare system.” What is the justification for not letting out this productive part of the population?

Mark My Words

I can absolutely promise you that when the economy tanks and a new round of absolutely brutal austerity measures is introduced, we will be told that the recession predates the pandemic and the quarantines didn’t cause it.

And people will believe it even though they are witnessing at this very moment how the economy is being methodically destroyed under the excuse of the pandemic.