COVID Data of the Day

Yes, yes, I know. Trump personally broke into the Michigan health department at night and falsified the records.

5 thoughts on “COVID Data of the Day”

    1. And all-powerful. Did you notice how he created thousands of COVID deaths all over the world? Spain and Italy are still reeling. And in Russia, three COVID doctors fell out of windows. He must have pushed them personally.


      1. If the TDS crowd believed half the things they claim about the guy, they’d be compelled to fall down and worship him. He’s obviously some sort of incarnated deity.


        1. I’ve been saying since 2016, they are in loooove with him. Only a completely besotted person sees the object of their love in everything. It’s teenage love, though, so it’s all about acting out and negging the object of one’s love to attract his attention.


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