Let Out the Young

Why not let the 20- and 30-year-olds out of quarantine, at least? Their risk of getting seriously ill is negligible. It’s definitely not enough to “overwhelm the healthcare system.” What is the justification for not letting out this productive part of the population?

One thought on “Let Out the Young”

  1. There is no place to go anyway.

    One blogger went to a local shopping mall in Texas which has been re-opened. None of the stores in the mall were open, so at this point I think the partial reopening is part of the scam.

    There does seem to be some local variation, where there are some places where police are harassing people walking about outside without masks, and other places where this doesn’t happen, so yes getting the local police to not harass law abiding people (no legislation has been passed confining people to their homes and any such legislation would be pretty obviously unconstitutional in most places) would in many cases be an improvement.


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