The Next Russian Spy

Wow, folks, I totally know what the next story line by Rachel Maddow is going to be.

Tara Reade is Putin’s spy!

I found this idea on a really trashy Twitter thread. It’s got to migrate to Maddow within a week or so.

7 thoughts on “The Next Russian Spy”

  1. Tara Reade did praise Putin, but it’s good you’re not letting that cloud your vision of whether her claim has any merit.
    I know that’s extremely difficult for you given your hatred of Putin, which you have reminded us many times.


    1. Thing is, I don’t think her claim should have any impact on what’s being decided in this election. As I said during the Kavanaugh thing, I can’t begin to comprehend the relevance of alleged sexual transgressions from decades ago that the alleged victims didn’t feel like pursuing.

      Biden has done and is currently doing things that are really relevant to whether he can be president. And we are parsing over an incident from 30 years ago?

      The only relevance this story has to me is how it demonstrates the hypocrisy of the pussy-hatters.


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