The Arbery Debate

I don’t want to get into the Arbery debate but there’s an obvious reason why a jogger would go into an empty construction site for 3 minutes. It’s to pee. Construction sites are a godsend for walkers and joggers because they have little makeshift toilets on them.

Obviously, if they don’t have a toilet, male joggers still use them. I don’t know if this construction site had one or not but that’s not the point. I’m simply confused by the whole enormous debate about how he must have wanted to steal something or why would he go in otherwise.

I go on very long walks, and a construction site invariably means “toilet nearby” to me.

Other than that, what a horrible situation, and I hope justice will be served.

We Are Never Getting Out

Almost 3 out of 4 Americans have concerns that the country is reopening its economy too fast amid the coronavirus pandemic, a new poll from the Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape Project finds. When asked about social distancing restrictions being lifted, 71 percent of those surveyed said they are worried that the restrictions are being lifted too quickly, while 29 percent said that restrictions aren’t being lifted quickly enough.

I emigrated for the sole reason of getting away from these totalitarian sheeple. And now I’m discovering how easy it is to turn 71% of everybody into totalitarian sheeple.

Back in Ukraine it was 99,9999999% but that was after a genocide and 70 years of a totalitarian regime.

Virus Against State

Reader GSW put it brilliantly:

Seems clear that the lock-down is not the only variable to be considered. Public policy may not even be the most important variable here as the disease is a virus that absolutely does not fear the coercive power of the state.

I’ve been thinking something similar but I couldn’t verbalize it so succinctly and beautifully.

We’ve now seen a large variety of responses from different national and local governments. And they don’t seem to make a big difference. Early lockdown, late lockdown, no lockdown – these do not seem to be the defining factors.

It looks like other things have a much greater impact. Things that it’s not within the power of a government to materialize on the spot. Population-wide obesity rates seem to matter an enormous lot. Fitness rates. Diabetes rates. Vitamin D levels. Living arrangements. Access to nature. Forms of transportation (and not only right now but of the life-long kind).

The importance of vitamin D only started to be discussed widely in connection to COVID about a week ago. Who knows what other factors will come up.

For many people it’s downright impossible to accept that all of the little choices we make individually and collectively throughout our lives coalesce into a certain result that might be quite unpleasant but not instantaneously reversible even with the best intentions in the world. This is why many prefer┬áto have a specific evildoer to blame.

COVID and Stroke

A retired relative calls from Canada in a state of panic.

“Things are really bad! We saw a map of Canada on TV. Quebec is marked in red, and it shows fire where Montreal is! It’s so bad, they had to put a picture of fire over it!”

This whole discussion of an increased incidence of stroke (with the majority of the patients testing negative for COVID) reminds me of that idiot professor I posted about the other day who didn’t see a connection between illness and the circumstances of one’s life. People are locked up, not allowed to move, and terrorized with panic porn. Hmm, how can it possibly increase incidence of stroke? I get hypertensive every time I go to the grocery store because the environment is so stressful. And I haven’t been fired or lost any income.

Imagine how people must feel who have lost their income, who are isolated and who are watching panic porn channels on the news.

I also highly recommend looking at the death stats for all major illnesses in your area. There’s no need to believe when you can simply look and judge for yourself.

Creative Accounting

COVID deaths are added to the COVID daily counts not on the day they happen but on the day they are coded as COVID. Go to state records and you’ll see. I verified it for NY, MD, MI, and IL.

So how does this work in practice? A daily death count goes down. The state government finds some deaths from March or April that could have been COVID and adds them to today’s count. It doesn’t matter right now if those deaths were really COVID. What matters is that they are used to show that mortality doesn’t decrease.

This happened in Illinois this week. The death count was down. When it got to 76 (per the entire gigantic state), the governor’s office found a bunch of old deaths and added them in, creating “the deadliest day” of the pandemic.

Given that the Governor says he won’t let us out until there’s a week with zero deaths, this matters.

This is not a conspiracy of any sorts. It’s all done completely openly because the public is so incredibly gullible that it hears “the deadliest day” and it doesn’t verify. It simply gets terrified and sits there, busily resharing the “deadliest day” links.

This isn’t anything new because this is the same public that bought into the Russia collusion hoax, Ukraine hoax, fishtank Wanda hoax, etc.