COVID and Stroke

A retired relative calls from Canada in a state of panic.

“Things are really bad! We saw a map of Canada on TV. Quebec is marked in red, and it shows fire where Montreal is! It’s so bad, they had to put a picture of fire over it!”

This whole discussion of an increased incidence of stroke (with the majority of the patients testing negative for COVID) reminds me of that idiot professor I posted about the other day who didn’t see a connection between illness and the circumstances of one’s life. People are locked up, not allowed to move, and terrorized with panic porn. Hmm, how can it possibly increase incidence of stroke? I get hypertensive every time I go to the grocery store because the environment is so stressful. And I haven’t been fired or lost any income.

Imagine how people must feel who have lost their income, who are isolated and who are watching panic porn channels on the news.

I also highly recommend looking at the death stats for all major illnesses in your area. There’s no need to believe when you can simply look and judge for yourself.

3 thoughts on “COVID and Stroke”

    1. ….and genetics can cause high blood pressure which would be an additional factor leading to stroke.


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