The Arbery Debate

I don’t want to get into the Arbery debate but there’s an obvious reason why a jogger would go into an empty construction site for 3 minutes. It’s to pee. Construction sites are a godsend for walkers and joggers because they have little makeshift toilets on them.

Obviously, if they don’t have a toilet, male joggers still use them. I don’t know if this construction site had one or not but that’s not the point. I’m simply confused by the whole enormous debate about how he must have wanted to steal something or why would he go in otherwise.

I go on very long walks, and a construction site invariably means “toilet nearby” to me.

Other than that, what a horrible situation, and I hope justice will be served.

3 thoughts on “The Arbery Debate”

  1. I’m not a runner, but when the “construction site” part of that story came out, I was thinking back to that one time I raided a construction-site dumpster with my MIL for discarded bits of lumber… A) I had no idea that was a misdemeanor, and B)I’m glad nobody shot us!


  2. to be clear, i think these guys should likely be convicted of at the minimum manslaughter. however, the peeing explanation makes no sense to me. have you seen the video?

    there is a port-a-potty 5 feet from road in front yard..he goes another 25 feet further and then appears to enter the garage and maybe other parts of the home? the peeing idea is hard to square with that.

    i don’t think a jury either will believe the peeing excuse. i actually think these 2 men had every right to think the behavior suspicious, BUT call the police and let them deal with it, DON”T chase down someone with guns…by creating the confrontation they should be guilty of a crime of manslaughter in my opinion


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