Fairy Tale Virus

I’m reading aloud a story where bunnies come to a bunny bank to deposit their carrots when, all of a sudden, a group of masked bunny bank robbers runs in and…

“There’s a virus in the fairy tale, too,” Klara remarks in a resigned voice.

7 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Virus”

  1. That’s hilarious!
    (I assume you’re avoiding anything that smacks of Baby’s First Pandemic.)

    Well, enjoy the plans N (& Klara) has set for you today!


  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Clarissa! Hope you have some fun with Klara and “N”. And thanks for the excellent blog.


      1. “To celebrate, I slept until 11 am.”

        You are the mother of a 4 y.o. active child, and she actually let you stay in bed that late? Great, but isn’t that unusual, even on Mother’s Day?


        1. I’m a mother but I’m not a single mother. 🙂 N got up with her and kept her at bay while I slept.

          Usually, she’s very good at letting me sleep until about 9-9:30 am. But 11 would be impossible even for her. Every morning, she comes in very quietly to check if I’m awake. And if I sleep (or pretend to), she won’t bother me until after 9. A great kid, truly.


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