Stay on the Move

Pulmonary thromboembolism is on the rise in some regions. It can be a result of a more sedentary lifestyle in quarantine. Gyms are closed, people are bored, stressed and lonely and tend to overeat, for many there’s less physical activity than they normally get walking across the parking lot at work and then around the office.

I highly recommend (especially if you are 40+ and not very slim) to keep track of how much you move during the day. For instance, I decided not to do leisure-related screens unless I’m on the move. Given that I worship screens, it’s a whole lot of movement. As a result, I’m 8 lbs lighter than on the day the quarantine started. It’s not an Adele-type miracle but it’s not a bad result.

One thought on “Stay on the Move”

  1. I always read stuff like this when/because the baby has fallen asleep on me, and I’m not going anywhere for a while.
    …and then I’m filled with anxiety for the next half-hour while he snores softly on my chest.


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