What’s the Logic?

A 73-year-old woman flew into Montreal from Louisiana yesterday and went straight to get residential facility for the elderly. Nobody attempted to test her or asked any questions at the airport or anywhere.

Can anybody explain what the logic of quarantines is, again?

P.S. Montreal has some of the worst death rates in Canada and is under the severest of quarantines.

2 thoughts on “What’s the Logic?”

  1. “Montreal has some of the worst death rates in Canada and is under the severest of quarantines…”

    Most of the deaths in Quebec are in long-term care facilities. It is being said that extreme short staffing has led to moving workers around between nursing homes which has resulted in the spread of COVID. Nonetheless, in my opinion, it’s on public health who should have isolated the LTC’s as job #1 on day #1 of this crisis rather than quarantining the healthy. We knew enough about this disease to have done this at the beginning but it seems that the universal prerequisite for a job in public health is Canada is to be a vainglorious nincompoop.

    The specific case you mention may simply be a stupid mistake. At least Quebec is not returning patients sick with Wuhan flu to nursing homes as was apparently government policy in New York State (Canadians can be really stupid, but maybe not to that level of truly exceptional stupidity.) Part of the reason that Montreal hospitals are stuffed near capacity has to do with the fact that the COVID sick stay there until their case is resolved.

    Nursing homes are the issue everywhere in Canada. In our Province, my daughter is part of a provincially-mandated hospital-led SWAT clean-up team working in a nursing home where there have been 38 deaths so far and 78 staff infections. (Naturally, we are v. proud although her mother is terrified.)


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