Even the BBC

And even the BBC is waking up. Obviously, they are doing it as a political hit piece on BoJo but still they are doing it.

Back to Illinois. Today I received yet another invitation from the university administration to a workshop on moving my courses online for the Fall.

Americans are now so easily terrorized that even the Swiss are whooping our asses.

5 thoughts on “Even the BBC”

  1. This is hilarious:

    Why are all of these protests incredibly lame though? How is everyone a crazy person in a commercial where they lose all reason to buy a product?

    And really has nobody deployed this song yet? It’s perfect for anyone’s quarantine busting party!


    1. It’s not what they are, it’s how they are covered. It’s very easy to position a camera so that the crazies get into the shot and nobody else does.


      1. Well, it’s interesting to me that these protesters manage to find a way to frame their own protests in the most inane way.

        I watched some footage of the salon owner in Dallas. She wasn’t nearly as stupid sounding. If you don’t know that salon owners rent their chairs to the stylists as independent contractors it sounds like she was doing it not just for her benefit. If she’s not open, she can’t really collect chair rent from her stylists, can she? Independent contractors don’t normally qualify for unemployment and depending on how fucked the state UI system is can’t access the CARE act relief. But she doesn’t mention it in those terms because then she just sounds like a landlord in the chain of landlords. And not many are sympathetic to landlords.


        1. Two thugs who kill an unarmed guy for no reason for free until there’s a national outcry. In the meantime, a small business owner goes to jail for wanting to open her business. Also until there’s a national outcry. This is the real outrage and not that the Texas woman wants to make money.


          1. Regardless of where your sympathies lie, she’s a very canny woman:
            Arrested Dallas Hairdresser’s GoFundMe Launched Before She Even Reopened
            Friday, Ted Cruz flew to Dallas for a haircut. He hadn’t been looking particularly shaggy, but as hair salons have become the latest front in the culture war, Cruz—never one to miss an opportunity to declare which side he’s on—invited photographers to join him before he donned a face mask and a leopard-print smock for his visit to Salon à la Mode…

            If all of this feels like a particularly effective PR stunt, well, that certainly seems accurate: the GoFundMe campaign—run by a group calling themselves “Woke Patriots”—was created on April 23, one day before Luther reopened her salon. “We researched her and her cause,” campaign organizer Rick Hire wrote on the page, “and decided that we would approach her and offer to support her as our first patriot cause. She accepted our offer.”…
            ….but by the time Luther made her argument, the situation—for her, at least—wasn’t quite so dire: two days earlier, she had been approved for a government loan under the Paycheck Protection Program, a loan that can be forgiven in full if at least 75 percent of the money is used to pay employee salaries. (The rest can go toward expenses like rent and utilities, and still qualify for loan forgiveness.) And now, of course—while Luther is able to cut all the hair she wants under the new order from Abbott—she’s also $500,000 richer.


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