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Germany’s leading newspaper is giving a platform to the country’s corona-sceptics who say that lockdowns were a big mistake. Our media, in the meanwhile, is busily servicing the corona agenda.

Are we going to be the last people in the world to have a media outlet with the courage to question the corona dogma?

8 thoughts on “Free Press”

  1. “Germany’s leading newspaper” is an interesting way to phrase that. Bild is Germany’s best selling newspaper, but it’s also known for putting a sensationalist spin on pretty much everything it touches.

    OTOH, I am slowly coming around to the view that the shutdown approach hasn’t been great. The US has been totally inconsistent in applying it and enforcing it. As you’ve pointed out, how does it help to shut small stores and then allow everyone to crowd into the Walmart. I feel like we have paid the economic price for the shutdown with minimal benefits because we never had a consistent and logical approach to doing a shutdown.


  2. Yeah, I remember Bild from my years in Germany. It was clearly a sensationalist rag, equivalent to America’s National Enquirer, and written in very basic German that a first-year foreign student studying the language could read. Also had a lot of pictures of bare-chested Frauleins in it. (Still does.)

    I don’t remember what Germany’s “leading newspaper” was — the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, maybe. It was too high-brow for me.


    1. ‘Bild’ isn’t the trashiest of the trashy papers in Germany, but it’s pretty far down there. There is some actual news in ‘Bild’ if you dig through all the giant headlines and compensate for whatever spin they’ve put on it. And yes, the language level is pretty simple. I’ve actually seen German instructors in the US argue about using articles from ‘Bild’ with students. You can give them to beginners, but lots of teachers object to giving students material from such a low quality source even if the topic and the actual content aren’t anything crazy. There is also the danger that they will look up the website and see some naked women and that could get some teachers in trouble.

      The ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ is considered the newspaper of record. ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’ and ‘Die Zeit’ are the other high quality national papers. ‘Die Zeit’ is known for having the most in-depth political coverage and commentary and it’s written at a very sophisticated level. Of those three, I like ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’ the best. There’s also ‘Der Spiegel’ which is a weekly magazine, though I feel like its quality has really gone down in recent years. I also read ‘Berliner Tagesspiegel’ and ‘Berliner Zeitung’ sometimes because I want to keep up with local stories from Berlin.


      1. The NYTIMES yesterday published an article that black people don’t run because racism.

        I’d rather have naked women than this.

        Thank you for the great, enlightening comment but I really needed to let this out because it’s bugging me.


        1. Oh, and now I have found an article on “the unbearable whiteness of hiking.”

          I don’t know what’s more aggravating, that the authors don’t realize Africans are black or that they don’t understand that numbers of black joggers in the US will mirror the percentage of black people in the population.


        2. I think the ‘New York Times’ has also had a big drop in quality. It actually reminds me of what’s happened to ‘Der Spiegel’. They get on a soapbox about something and then just write article after article pushing that agenda.


            1. When I was a student in Berlin back in the 90s I bought ‘Der Spiegel’ every week and read it on the subway. I tried to read the whole thing cover-to-cover every week because it was great for building my vocabulary. The weekly issues were usually around 300 pages back then and it was sometimes a struggle to finish before the new one came out. The last time I got a paper copy it was about 50 pages and nothing like what it used to be.


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