Did anybody manage to figure out what these new revelations about Obama are? I put up a 4-person camping tent, baked turmeric chicken, and finished a book chapter today while caring for my 4-year-old. I haven’t been able to follow the news.

8 thoughts on “Obamagate”

  1. The gist of it seems to be that at the end of 2016, after the election, but before Trump took office, Obama set the ball rolling to sabotage the incoming administration, which ultimately resulted in the whole stupid impeachment circus.


  2. This is a sudden cover for the Covid temporary Trump loss of popularity like the pseudo-impeaching was a cover for their loss and their wokesterism invasion. There’s nothing new and relevant here.


  3. Rod Dreher’s last post quotes 2 interesting pieces regarding class and the new Left (and Right), seems like something you may like:

    Blue Blues, Blue Reds

    What stood out to me was:

    “We should not make fun of an activist who despairs at the state of the world when good, solid middle class people with solid middle class grades can no longer achieve the middle class lifestyle they were promised. It is however a basic political truth that a worker’s movement consisting of people who are angry at the prospect social and economic ”demotion” – in other words, people who are fighting against the cruel fate of having to become workers – cannot ever succeed.”


  4. Another pathetic attempt to cover for Trump’s bad handling of the crisis. Next they’ll be reviving the whole Obama birth certificate sham.


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