What’s really funny is that if I copy-pasted many of the things that a proud Chinese patriot Kai-fu Lee says about China and published them as my own, there would be horrified whelping to the skies about how racist I am. Not on this blog because there aren’t any malignant wokesters here but anywhere else.

China is supposed to be a totalitarian society yet we are the one getting our speech policed.

3 thoughts on “Copy-paste”

  1. I understand that we’re in very different fields career-wise, and things like these effectively limit you professionally. I don’t come into this with your baggage, so to say. But to me it just feels like a custom of polite society – only people from a specific background are allowed to shit on that culture.

    If someone who wasn’t born in Ukraine or otherwise has a strong connection with it made a negative generalization about Ukrainians, my first emotional reaction would be hostility, and I would want to see the evidence they’re basing their statements on. I wouldn’t call them racist because Ukrainians are white, but prejudiced about Ukrainians or people from the former USSR (unless what they said closely matched my personal feelings, probably).


    1. He isn’t shitting on China, though. He clearly is in love with his country. He’s stating objective facts about cultural differences. They can be extremely positive but we are still not supposed to nothing fe them because they undermine the idea that everybody is an interchangeable widget.

      For example, he describes how hard-working and driven Chinese workers are. If I repeated that, it would be considered racist. Even though it’s a very positive thing.

      And I’m not even talking about things like IQ differences, which put the Chinese in the second highest, I think, group in the world. This is positive but unmentionable for the same reason.


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