Wounded Patriotic Self-esteem

One thing that makes Kai-fu Lee’s book harder to read than one would wish is the quantity of wounded patriotic self-esteem. I grew up in the Russian-speaking world and I’m exhausted by this stuff. OK, OK, you feel that everybody respects Americans more than you and it hurts you. But can you stop pouting for two seconds and tell your story already?

Also, the clumsy attempts to defend the totalitarian regime are annoying. But it’s still a very interesting and good book.

2 thoughts on “Wounded Patriotic Self-esteem”

  1. According to the internet he lives in Beijing, so some of it may simply be the price he needs to pay to be allowed to publish his books in peace. As you probably know, other high-profile critics have of course been arrested after things like faked accidents and made to disappear for “re-education” until some kind of public repentance, or indefinitely.


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