When the same state officials who sent COVID patients into nursing homes killing thousands of seniors take their elderly relatives out of these facilities, how is one supposed to think this isn’t a political move?

One wants to give the benefit of the doubt but it’s getting very hard.

8 thoughts on “Political”

  1. I do not understand what you mean by a political move. Was “killing thousands of seniors” done for political purposes to enforce closure on the rest of the population?


  2. It’s political in the sense that politicians have a habit of doing whatever is most convenient while insulating themselves from the consequences of their actions. Seniors being discharged from hospitals have to go somewhere. Forcing the homes to take them is the most convenient way of dealing with them. Demanding that the homes isolate the incoming patients is a handy way of passing the buck.

    It’s not like this kind of thing is unusual. Any number of “socialist” politicians go to private hospitals and send their kids to private schools.


  3. “One wants to give the benefit of the doubt…”

    Not me. Day after day these clowns pompously declare they are following “the science” of “the experts.” But how big an idiot would you have to be not only to fail to isolate properly the vulnerable residents of long term care facilities on day #1 but to actually, and on purpose, send Wuhan flu infected people into these facilities by administrative fiat? Dumb, dumber, and dumbest…


    1. RE: GSW
      There is no “Wuhan flu”. That’s a political fiction, even if the term is used by “GSW” contra-metaphorically.


        1. The SARS-CoV-2 “bug” (my metaphor) has been identified in several locations around the globe in samples taken in Nov.-Dec. 2019. I will find references and post when I get a chance. I thought the GSW’s use of “Wuhan flu” was intended to be a play on the words tossed around by the various “luminaries” of the U.S. administration. Satirical is probably a better term than my use of “contra-metaphorical” Sorry. Sometimes I make things less clear when fabricating my own words. 🙂


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