Great Education

Somebody posted this on social media as an example of her kid’s geography classwork for today:

If this is the education children are being deprived of because of COVID, I’m only glad.

Child Abuse COVID-Style

People who organized this should go to jail:

Remember, these kids are at absolutely no risk whatsoever. They were at risk from the flu that actually kills children. But nobody did anything of the kind or freaked out in any way. Which tells us this is really not about COVID.

Was Right

Remember how a couple of years ago I kept blogging about the future where 60% of people are out of work, lumpenized, and living on some sort of government assistance?

It wasn’t much of a guess. The logic of events was trending in that direction and now a convenient excuse to make it happen came by. Obviously, I don’t think anybody is doing it on purpose. The logic of events is stronger than any individual’s will.


This morning’s headline in the NYTimes really delivers.

A whistleblower! (Because there are still people who aren’t allergic to the word after the most recent “whistleblower” fiasco).

Warning! (Everybody hide under the sofa!)

Of the darkest winter in US history! (Can’t this person be accused of racism, or something, for using “dark” as a stand in for “bad”?)

This is all completely ridiculous but I have no doubt it will be effective. Where I come from, we’d be laughing our hearts out at these clumsy attempts at psychological warfare. But around here, people are so coddled and sensitive, they are going to believe this crap.

These “darkest winter” predictions are aimed at getting you to accept and even welcome scarcity, isolation, and worsened living conditions. You get to decide if you’ll allow them to work.