Child Abuse COVID-Style

People who organized this should go to jail:

Remember, these kids are at absolutely no risk whatsoever. They were at risk from the flu that actually kills children. But nobody did anything of the kind or freaked out in any way. Which tells us this is really not about COVID.

9 thoughts on “Child Abuse COVID-Style”

      1. After the hurricane, I eavesdropped on my children, building houses with blocks. Once they had walls, they added paper “tarps” to the roofs. “Because the roof was damaged.”

        It’s what kids do.


  1. Here’s a covid-19 nursery rhyme. Would it change how you view if you knew an adult came up with it?

    Daddy’s at the food store, Mummy’s out of town,
    She’s working at the hospital since Rhona came to town,
    Hide away, hide away, Miss Rhona’s come to town,
    Hide away, hide away, she’s come to take us down.

    Miss Rhona’s at the doorstep, I’ll keep 6 feet away,
    But Grandma needs the paper, I’ll take her some today,
    Hide away, hide away, Miss Rhona’s come to stay,
    Hide away, hide away, we can’t come out to play.

    I need to see the sunlight, I’ve not been out in days
    And here’s a note from Rhona, she wanted me to say,
    Hide away, hide away, keep 6 feet away,
    Hide away, hide away, she took us down today

    The days all run together, I haven’t changed my shirt
    We may be getting restless, but keep on the alert
    Hide away, hide away, even though it hurts
    Hide away, hide away, or the six feet will be dirt


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