Great Education

Somebody posted this on social media as an example of her kid’s geography classwork for today:

If this is the education children are being deprived of because of COVID, I’m only glad.

3 thoughts on “Great Education”

  1. I remember reading that children (adults too!) need 4-6 hours a day of time outdoors, in order to meet basic, animal needs for movement, fresh air, sun exposure, circadian regulation, eye fitness (if you spend all day never focusing on anything further away than the wall, your capacity to see far things sort of atrophies. It’s worse in kids, whose eyesight is still developing), motor development, etc. To my mind, that means any time they spend in a classroom had better be spent on things that are pretty dang important, because they’re incrementally sacrificing health and long-term physical development for it.

    …and this is what schoolchildren are sacrificing that for.


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