This morning’s headline in the NYTimes really delivers.

A whistleblower! (Because there are still people who aren’t allergic to the word after the most recent “whistleblower” fiasco).

Warning! (Everybody hide under the sofa!)

Of the darkest winter in US history! (Can’t this person be accused of racism, or something, for using “dark” as a stand in for “bad”?)

This is all completely ridiculous but I have no doubt it will be effective. Where I come from, we’d be laughing our hearts out at these clumsy attempts at psychological warfare. But around here, people are so coddled and sensitive, they are going to believe this crap.

These “darkest winter” predictions are aimed at getting you to accept and even welcome scarcity, isolation, and worsened living conditions. You get to decide if you’ll allow them to work.

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