It’s very annoying that the word “unmasked” is used in the Flynn scandal because I constantly get confused whether I’m reading COVID news or the Russia hoax news.

Not that there’s that much difference any more.

15 thoughts on “Unmasked”

            1. Well, what are you looking for in a beach vacation? Budget accomodations? A pretty beach? Nearby airport/cheap tickets? Good restaurants? Tacky beach-town attractions (eg bungee jumping)? Nightlife? Not too many tourists? The state has quite a lot of beach, after all 🙂


              1. A condo right on the beach in a very quiet place is what we prefer. We’ve tried a lot of different places over the years. Marcos Island is nice but it’s very expensive. So we settled on FMB.

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              2. I was trying to think what other nice, quiet beaches to try… up north you can’t beat the little ones like Grayton beach or Carabelle. They’re really lovely. But… poking around the condo rental sites, you are not going to beat the prices on Fort Myers Beach– you picked a good one, there!


  1. I’m surprised your stylist isn’t already doing video consults and selling hair dye customized to your shade and products customized to your hair. I’m sure that would skirt the health department.

    No, it’s not even nearly the same. I’ve already gotten rid of my split ends and touched up my roots. But then again, I keep everything simple and I already possess the right scissors, blow dryer, clips and assortment of brushes.

    As you know, Wisconsin is out of the stay at home order because the lame duck state supreme court threw it out. You could get your hair cut and styled there, gorge yourself on the finest cheese* and drive back home. Or spend the night in a budget motel in WI and then drive back.

    :-p :-p


    1. Haha! We are all biased against our hometowns. I did not grow up in Ft. Myers, but did grow up in a FL beach town, and I would never, ever recommend it to anyone I liked. The city government encourages the trashiest drunken college-student tourist demographic. Locals drive an hour or more up the coast to go to a decent beach.


      1. I like the part of FMB where we usually stay precisely because it’s for families only, there’s zero night life, nothing at all to do but sit on the beach with the kids. We preferred it even before we had Klara. I’d had way too much nightlife in my time, and I’m really over it.

        Last summer we went to Destin and didn’t like it much because it was too noisy for us.

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        1. Destin is still better than where I live, but it is busy. If you’re ever in that area again, Grayton beach is just a few miles down the road, and is quiet and nice. Not as cheap as FMB though 😉 Ditto for places like St. George Island, Cedar Key, etc. I quite like Cedar Key, but that’s because I’m not much of a beach person– they have big salt marshes and I remember it being very pretty.


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