A COVID-related Scandinavian joke:

“We have to stay two meters (≈6 feet) apart? But that’s impossible! I feel so crowded when people are this close.”

11 thoughts on “COVID Humor”

  1. The version I saw was specifically Finnish

    “So, we now have to stay 2m away from each other? Why so close?”

    In the same vein: How can you tell a Finn is an extrovert? He stares at your shoes.


    1. The article on masks is very good. So I guess, I’m in the love it camp.

      I hate showy virtue. It’s really annoying when people put up those yard signs about “healthcare heroes,” for instance. I obviously have nothing against doctors but these yard signs reek of smugness.

      I wear a mask and don’t even mind a whole lot but I hate any dogma and mask-related dogma is annoying. Why can’t people just wear them quietly and not preach the gospel according to the Holy Mask?


      1. I was in the love it camp too, and don’t really understand why some people disliked it. These are fellow fans of Amber Frost, so it’s not that they don’t like her in general. Nor were they offended at her not enjoying masks, so idk what it was.


      1. I do think it’s pretty funny that the euphemism treadmill has now rolled around to “unauthorized immigrants.”


        1. “unauthorized immigrants”

          When that phrase can be used unironically… then immigration is dead (as I’ve been saying for years). It’s been destroyed and replaced by alienated migration.


        2. Got it, thanks. So sad that people who imagine themselves to be “progressives” fret about this kind of thing without reflecting on cui bono behind the curtain.


          1. ” “holy immigrants” for illegals and “unholy immigrants” for the legals”

            I like “sacred immigrants” (illegals) and “profane immigrants” (legals).


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