Another State Discovers Overcounting

Colorado has also discovered that if you count people who died of COVID – as opposed to following the CDC mandates and counting the people who died of something else while being COVID-positive – the death tolls fall off a cliff.

These are all states with Dem governors who obviously find it very unpleasant to admit that the death counts are lower.

One of the reasons for why the Dem states seem, overall, so much more affected is not only that they have greater population density (which they do and it’s an important factor) but also because they follow the CDC directive to count gunshot victims and alcoholics more eagerly for political purposes.

3 thoughts on “Another State Discovers Overcounting”

  1. I’m still confused about how a higher death count = political benefit. Is it just because “the other side” wants to re-open? Why is it better, if your state is doing worse?? That’s perverse.


    1. If the economy collapses, Trump will lose the election. Inflating the death counts means the lockdowns continue and the economy is more likely to be in bad shape in November.


      1. I hope kicking that decision down to the individual states will prevent that! With any luck, after a few weeks FL, TX, GA, and any other states that’ve already called the bluff on virus panic, will be doing great, and it’ll be impossible to maintain the lie that “OMG if we open businesses we’ll all die!”

        At that point, I’d expect a lot of regular people to be hating on their stick-in-the-mud Democrat governors for prolonging the lockdown. But people are weird, so who knows? I know at least three usually-reasonable people who are totally, irrationally against opening things back up. I have been trying to have gentle, non-judgemental conversations with them about it, to see if I can understand the rationale. I’m not getting anywhere. It’s not evidence that makes them afraid, it’s… I don’t even know. They’re monster-under-the-bed-type afraid. Where is that coming from? Agoraphobia seems to be more contagious than COVID right now.


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