What Do You Like This Much?

There is absolutely no public establishment – restaurant, cafe, store, salon, anything – that I like this much:

I’d rather stay at home, even though I’ve really had it with staying at home.

9 thoughts on “What Do You Like This Much?”

  1. This is stalling. There are still areas on the lockdown for two years, or new normal plans, but the idea most used now seems to be stalling. Allow businesses to re-open, but under conditions where they can not possibly turn a profit.


  2. “no public establishment – restaurant, cafe, store, salon, anything – that I like this much”

    To be honest (nb I don’t understand German culture/values at a deep level) this looks like ritual humiliation and not about health at all.

    I’m trying to imagine Polish people complying with such a ridiculous rule and completely failing (and trying to imagine how they would subvert the intent while following the rule at some trivial surface level). Here the general population has pretty much lost all fear of coronavirus (despite the media’s best efforts to keep people fearful). Most people are nominally wearing masks (which many pull down below their noses) but more and more aren’t bothering at all and nothing remotely like social distancing is still being observed. Considering that the total death count after two months is about a single day in Italy at the peak it’s the big scare that never panned out.

    As I wrote, people from high uncertainty avoidance cultures (which includes Ukraine) dislike uncertain. ambiguous or novel situations but are mostly okay when it comes to known risk, which is the mirror opposite of the US….. which loves uncertain situations but does everything it can to avoid known risks.


    1. It was a stunt organized by a local TV company. The photo is staged. They are playing for the cameras.


  3. I adore this. I don’t go out much, and am not that great at following social restrictions of most kinds (mostly due to not noticing they’re there in the first place rather than wanton disregard), but the sheer colourful ridiculousness of this setup realky tickles me.


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