Anxiety-reducing Quarantine

For a certain type of person, it’s very anxiety-reducing to have the whole family at home all the time.

It does mess with one’s mind after a while. N took Klara for a walk around the neighborhood the other day, and halfway through the two-hour walk I started imagining horrible scenarios, extraneous noises in the house, appliances turning on by themselves.

3 thoughts on “Anxiety-reducing Quarantine”

  1. I don’t like to say it aloud, because people get the wrong idea (I think the quarantine is totally irrational and unwarranted, at this point, in most places), but I very much enjoy having nowhere I have to go. It’s a long drive to town, and I hate spending all that time in the car.


  2. You weren’t looking forward to seeing your sister again soon, were you?>Canada, US extend border closure to non-essential travel

    TORONTO (AP) — Canada and the US have agreed to extend their agreement to keep border closed to non-essential travel to June 21 during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday the border is a source of vulnerability, so the agreement will be extended by another 30 days. The restrictions were announced on March 18 and were extended in April.

    Trudeau said Canada’s provincial leaders clearly wanted to continue the measures.

    “This will keep people in both of our countries safe.” Trudeau said.

    U.S. President Donald Trump has said that the U.S. and Canada are doing well in handling the pandemic. But many Canadians fear a reopening. The U.S. has more confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19 than any country in the world, though its per capita numbers are well below many other nations.

    Essential cross-border workers like healthcare professionals, airline crews and truck drivers are still permitted to cross. Truck drivers are critical as they move food and medical goods in both directions. Much of Canada’s food supply comes from or via the U.S.

    Americans who are returning to America and Canadians who are returning to Canada are also exempted from the border closure.

    Canada sends 75% of its exports to the U.S. and about 18% of American exports go to Canada. The U.S. Canada border is world’s longest between two nations.


  3. Agree with methylethyl about the shutdown issues. But C did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, those appliances and other things (lights, etc.) actually -were- turning on by themselves :;) The internet of things, etc. I’ve read about the Zoom client taking remote control of your camera. That should give pause to the laptop in the bedroom at night, lol!
    But on a more serious note. Is there any chance your reading this Kai-fu Lee book is getting to you some?


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