Bringing up Little Neurotics

Now let’s say there are people who don’t completely hate their kids. How are they supposed to send their kids to this sad parody of a school?

Imagine trying to force kids not to share toys. What kind of creeps are we trying to raise here? And no playgrounds? I’m not even going to imagine the hellish task of making a group of toddlers wear a mask all day long. Daily health and temperature checks? Hello, lifelong neurosis.

These stupid, stupid fucking bastards.


I got Klara this kind of game and it’s been the best fun ever (it’s not the exact game but it’s similar):

We played it for 2 hours today and we are only half in. For $30, I’m thinking we’ll get about 5 hours of fun out of it, which is great value.

Of course, there’s more fun to be had after all the gems are out. Klara immediately divided the gemstones we found into families of three, and now those families are having all sorts of adventures.

Folks, I would have killed for this kit when I was a child. I love this kind of thing. It takes a lot of patience, and you just sit there, toc-toc-tocking with your little hammer. It’s my definition of paradise. Thankfully, Klara is like me in this regard.

I Was Right About Whitmer

Please remember that I told you Gretchen Whitmer was angling for the position of Biden’s veep pick long before you knew her name.

And it turns out I was right.

The way I knew is because she started lying about Trump victimizing her in sexist ways. (This was before Tara Reade’s allegations finally became widely known, of course.) Since then, Whitmer has been the most unreasonable and fanatical quarantiner. She’s neither dumb not delusional, so she could only have been doing all that crazy stuff (and wearing dresses that are two sizes to small) to make herself sellable to Biden.

Well, at least it’s not Ilhan Omar. Thank Lord for small mercies.

Which camp are you in, Whitmer or Abrams?

Some Numbers

Across the US, 2,6% of all COVID deaths are of people under the age of 45.

In Massachusetts, only 14,8% of deaths are under the age of 70.

In Minnesota, 81% of all COVID deaths are in nursing homes.

In Connecticut, 6,3% are under 60 and 18,8% are under 70.

In PA, there are more deaths over the age of 95 than under the age of 60.

Worldwide, there are more deaths over the age 100 than under the age 30. Obviously, the number of people over the age 100 is massively lower than that of the under-thirties.

But let’s definitely battle the virus by keeping schools closed and nursing homes open.

Also, if we took these 5 trillion in COVID handouts money and used them to put every nursing home patient in the Four Seasons, that would have been a more effective use of the money. It’s how the PA health secretary saved her elderly mom, after all.

COVID Link of the Day

I was wondering how Florida, with its large population of seniors, managed to prevent massive COVID deaths among the elderly. This article explains the strategy in detail.

I will never stop hoping that Cuomo goes to jail for the callous way in which he acted, causing deaths of thousands of New York’s seniors. That almost nobody discusses Cuomo as a bastard and DeSantis as a hero proves that all the bleating about the need to “protect grandma” has been completely dishonest. Nobody cares about grandma as much as they do about some pathetic partisan triumph.

Dangerous Twitter

Twitter really messes with one’s head. I spent a few days on Twitter and it made me start liking Elon Musk. He really knows how to make idiots twitch:

A day doesn’t go by without some snowflake of the century getting triggered by Musk. I resisted it as long as I could but I can’t deny that it feels nice.